Tuesday, March 20, 2012


With some encouragement from Reece's cousin, Katy, I've decided to FINALLY update the old blog.  : )  This sounds more fun than reading that chapter for homework, so I'll do what I do best and procrastinate a little more!

I can't believe that I'm already in my third trimester!  It is crazy to think that we'll have our little girl with us in a little over two months.  With that thought in the back of our minds, we've gotten busy on the nursery lately, and daddy has been nesting more than mommy!

We tried to refinish the wood floors in the bedroom and decided they were beyond repair.  So it was off to Lumber Liquidators in Sioux Falls to buy laminate flooring.  What a good idea!  Here's before and after pics of the floor.


Before...the really bad spot!  We ripped out a closet in this corner and you can see the outline on the floor.

Before again, the whole floor

After! Beautiful!  (Thanks Reece and Lowell for their hard work!)

This is a little taste of what the nursery will become.  We're doing a funky, retro/owl theme.
We built the crib on Sunday and we have a dresser that I refinished in an awesome green color.  I also bought an Expedit shelf from Ikea for organizing diapers and changing supplies.

Here's what I need to do before baby comes:
  1. Sew crib skirt and crib sheets.
  2. Arrange all of my cute decor on the walls.
  3. Organize and prep cloth diapers.
  4. Sleep as much as possible at night!
  5. Finish crocheting baby blanket.
  6. Um...I'm sure there's more, but that's all I've got right now!
So there it is.  I updated the blog!  I promise to update more often, and of course when baby girl arrives, I'll have lots of cuteness to share!


  1. Yay! So glad I said something if that's all it takes!! :)

    The floor looks awesome...and seriously, I love your theme. Love it! Love those colors and cannot wait to see the dresser and stuff come together.

    We hope to see you guys soon (not sure when, but hopefully soon!). Until then, take care of you and that baby - and put Reece to work!

    Wish we were closer!

  2. :) :) You know me, just dying for more updates from the baby room!!!!!

    1. I'm working on final papers for my two online classes this next week I'm planning on going crazy in the nursery. It's been on hold for a few weeks. :)